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Quality, impact, and exceeding expectations
are our success metrics.

Quality is built on our team

Eduworks staff includes experienced principal investigators who are thought leaders in the training and educational technology community and world-class software developers with expertise across a broad set of application domains.

Our team has published extensively, served on editorial boards of prestigious journals, held faculty positions at top-ranked institutions, served on committees for leading professional conferences, contributed to industry standards, held leadership positions in standards development organizations, led multiple successful R&D and software development projects, and participated as advisors to Government agencies and national initiatives.

Quality is assured by our diligence

We pay close attention to the research literature and we partner with universities, research institutions, and other businesses to augment our domain expertise and keep our methods current.

We use independent evaluators to conduct trials and to ensure the integrity of our results, and we use design-based research and agile, user-centered software development methods to ensure we meet client and user requirements. Finally, we use project management best practices to mitigate risk, keep clients informed, and ensure timely completion of deliverables.

Impact is important to us

Most Eduworks projects result in either tools or methods. We want these to be used and we want them to have a positive impact on users.

This starts in the development process, where we make sure we are meeting user needs, but it does no good to produce research that ends up sitting on the shelf. Whenever we start a project, our intent is to take the results beyond the proof-of-concept or prototype stage and to ensure there is a path to sustainability, public dissemination, private commercialization, or transition to acquisition.

Open Source Projects

When we agree to an open-source project, the goal is to transition the project to an open-source community for sustainability, continued development, public dissemination, and uptake by private enterprise. We release open source code under a business-friendly license that paves the way for commercial and public use. Examples are the Eduworks CaSS and PeBL projects. CaSS is being developed as an open source community project with ties to standards bodies and other initiatives. PeBL is collaborating with the IEEE Actionable Data Book initiative, a community of practice that includes researchers, educators, commercial publishers, and tool vendors.


When Eduworks takes on a project under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, our goal is to turn it into a line of business within Eduworks’ commercial division or to transition it to a DoD acquisition command with a transition partner (or both). Our courseware conversion line of business evolved in this way, and technology produced by our recently completed SBIR projects is being used to produce commercial service revenue while it is being tested for licensing.

Exceeding Expectations

Our philosophy is to over-deliver but we do not play the “under-promise” game.

We set realistic and achievable goals and often exceed them. As a result, the vast majority of our customers (Government and clients) have turned into repeat business. We take great pride in our record and are happy to provide references and put you in contact with our customers.