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Signature Event: Global GO/FO Perspectives in Learning

Session Chair: Benjamin Bell, Ph.D., Eduworks

Wednesday, 29 November • 0830 – 1000 • S330BCD SE6

Many Perspectives, One Message: Learning Quality For Training and Education Technologies.
Learning technologies, alone, will not solve our training and education challenges. Only when consistently paired with learning science will we realize the benefits of these advanced systems. This panel brings together senior personnel from across the Coalition military enterprise to convey this important, shared message.

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Session: So you want to be an entrepreneur…

Wednesday, 29 November • 1030 - 1200 • Room S320GH FE5

Ignite is a presentation format that allows dynamic, high octane speakers a platform to share their passion and ideas. Eduworks’ CEO, Robby Robson, will highlight some of our current work during I/ITSEC’s Ignite session.

Learning Operability: All Together Now

Using Competencies to Map Performance Across Multiple Activities (17139)

Paper presented by Robby Robson, Ph.D., Eduworks Corporation; Jonathan Poltrack, ADL Initiative

Wednesday, 29 November • 1600 • ROOM S320A H4

Courseware Creativity: Delivering a Better Experience

Teaching and Learning Differently: Personalized E-Books For Learning (PEBL)

Paper presented by Elliot Robson, Eduworks

Thursday, 30 November • 0830 • ROOM S320D ED6

Agents from the Future


Session Panelist: Benjamin Bell, Ph.D., Eduworks

Thursday, 30 November • 0830 - 1000 • ROOM S320GH FE7