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ITS screen

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) attempt to replicate the one-on-one human tutoring experience and come in many forms.

As a class, ITS are highly effective learning technologies, consistently demonstrating learning effect sizes on the order of one sigma and reductions in time to mastery.

The ITS of interest to Eduworks interact with learners through graphical user interfaces that support avatars and speech recognition. They determine the state of the learner through assessment and, in some cases, through biometric affect detection, and use this information to adapt their teaching strategy.

Eduworks research into intelligent tutoring systems includes the following projects and results:

  1. Automating ADDIE This project reduces the time it takes to convert didactic materials into interactive learning. One form of output can be used to create tutors in the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT).

  2. Dialogue-based Tutoring Framework Eduworks has developed its own dialogue-based tutoring framework based on our Java version of the ChatScript dialogue engine and on the Eduworks Engine. In an ongoing collaboration with the University of Oregon, this has been used to create ITS for students with traumatic brain injuries, and is available for commercial applications.

  3. TRADEM-SEM Eduworks TRADEM-SEM project is applying structural equation modeling in the context of GIFT to determine the validity and efficacy of auto-generated and non-autogenerated domain and expert models.

  4. GIFT Eduworks anticipates further supporting GIFT with research into tools for authoring GIFT tutors.

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